How to Find (and Vet!) Discreet Play Parties

Have you attended a play party before? These sex-positive events are a fun way to meet new people and even engage in new sexual adventures with like-minded people. With themes ranging from masquerade to game night, and some parties dedicated to BDSM, swinging, or specific kinks, every play party is unique. Your experience will dependContinue reading “How to Find (and Vet!) Discreet Play Parties”

Reclaiming Your Sexy After A Breakup

Breakups are hard; there’s no doubt about it. For some people, one way to cope is to “bang it out” with dating app matches and/or people they’d wanted to sleep with but couldn’t while partnered. However, this method doesn’t work for everyone. For many of us, a breakup brings on a serious loss in libido.Continue reading “Reclaiming Your Sexy After A Breakup”

Kitchen Sink Sex

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “everything but the kitchen sink.” Someone might joke, for example, that their partner packed everything but the kitchen sink for a trip, or that their boss heaped everything but the kitchen sink onto their to-do list. So what is “kitchen sink sex”? If you’re picturing a couple banging it outContinue reading “Kitchen Sink Sex”

Deserting LGBTQ+ Virgin Islanders

A VI community group changed its name for Pride, and lost 400 members. (Trigger warning: This post contains screenshots of homophobic language and describes homophobic behavior.) Homophobia in the Caribbean is nothing new, and the U.S. Virgin Islands certainly has its share. When the U.S. Supreme Court was still considering whether to legalize same-sex marriage in allContinue reading “Deserting LGBTQ+ Virgin Islanders”

Are You Worthy of Love?

Yes; but you may not be ready for a romantic relationship Whether you know it or not, whether you feel it or not, you are absolutely worthy of love. But that doesn’t mean you’re entitled to romance. Our obsession with romantic relationships is a little scary. We can have rich, full personal lives where weContinue reading “Are You Worthy of Love?”

Planned Parenthood is for Everyone, Including Men

I recently visited my local Planned Parenthood and was surprised to find only men sitting in the waiting room. While one was clearly a security guard, the others were not. There are many reasons why men might be in the Planned Parenthood waiting room, of course: they may be there with a partner, friend, orContinue reading “Planned Parenthood is for Everyone, Including Men”

“Hobosexuals”: Exchanging Sex for Shelter

It’s time to re-think what homelessness looks like. In 2014, I met up with a friend on St. Thomas, USVI for lunch. “You look like one of those ‘backpack girls’,” he told me as I arrived and sat across from him, storing my backpack under the table. “What’s a ‘backpack girl’?” I asked. He explainedContinue reading ““Hobosexuals”: Exchanging Sex for Shelter”