Shannon (they/she)

Hi! I’m Shannon (they/she)

I’m a queer, polyamorous, nonbinary sex educator and writer. I have over 14 years of educational experience and became a certified sex coach in 2021.

While I knew I wanted to be a teacher at an early age, I never imagined I’d wind up teaching about, of all things, sex.

But as I entered adulthood my peers and I stumbled often when it came to understanding sex and sexuality. We learned most lessons the hard way—and it bothered me.

The U.S. is critically lacking when it comes to sex education, and that has repercussions. We have disproportionate levels of STIs in people aged 15-24 and create notably dangerous environments for LGBTQIA+ citizens, for example. We also spend billions of dollars restricting sex ed and then dealing with the fallout.

This doesn’t even touch on the countless amounts spent on therapy for couples, queer folks, and anyone who has ever experienced enough distress around sex to seek counseling.

For me, all of this pointed to the obvious: we need more information and resources out there about sex and sexuality.

So, I blog about sex and ethical nonmonogamy. I teach at various sexuality institutions and independently. I even volunteer as the Consent Director at a sex-positive festival.

I’m proud to be a full-time educator, writer, and coach. Get in touch if you’d like to work together!