Shannon (they/she)

A Sex Educator for Everyone

Hi! I’m Shannon (they/she).

Like many of us, I had to teach myself a lot about sex and sexuality growing up. So, I dug into piles of informative books and the internet, and over the years amassed a fairly impressive library of knowledge. It wasn’t long before nerding out over sex meant friends and classmates regularly turned to me with their most intimate questions.

Over the years, my interest in learning and talking about sex hasn’t changed. I blog about sex and ethical nonmonogamy, volunteer with Plan B NOLA—a project that distributes free emergency contraception and reproductive health education, and I write poetry for Esoterotica, a live erotic reading show in New Orleans. I’m proudly nonbinary, polyamorous, and queer.

Now, I’m a sex coach certified through the Sexology Institute, able to offer private sex coaching as well as educational presentations and workshops. I’m also a full-time, sex-positive content writer, so get in touch if you could use my services.

Stay sexy! ❤