Shannon (they/she)

Nonbinary. Polyamorous. Queer. Those are just a few of the terms I use to describe myself.

But while helpful, those terms fall far from telling the whole story.

I grew up in Los Angeles, then moved to the Virgin Islands while in high school. The sex education I received in both places left much to be desired. A “Certified Nerd”, I spent a lot of time in libraries and on the internet filling in the gaps, and quickly became the friend many turned to for sex advice and resources.

In the late ’00s, I began exploring and blogging about ethical nonmonogamy and safer sex. By 2008, I’d earned my BA in English and Education and began a teaching career that informs my presentation style to this day.

After moving to New Orleans in 2015 I transitioned into full-time content writing and got involved with reproductive justice by volunteering with Plan B NOLA, a project that provides free emergency contraception to people in the Greater New Orleans area. I still volunteer with them today. I’m also a contributing writer and performer for Esoterotica, a live erotic reading show that went digital in 2020.

By June 2021, I’ll be a certified Sex Coach through the Sexology Institute, able to offer individual sex coaching virtually and in-person in New Orleans, as well as educational presentations and workshops to groups. In the meantime, I’m still a full-time, sex-positive content writer, so get in touch if you could use my services!

-Shannon (they/she)