headshot of sex coach shannon
Shannon (they/she)

Hi! I’m Sex Coach Shannon (they/she)

I’m a queer, poly, neurospicy Erotic Ignition Coach for women+.

While I’ve always enjoyed helping others, I never imagined I’d wind up helping people with, of all things, sex.

In early adulthood, however, my peers and I often stumbled when it came to navigating sex and sexuality. Information was hard to find, and few adults were comfortable talking about it.

A nerd to my core, I checked out all the library books I could found about sex. I read studies and surveys, soaking up decade’s worth of sexuality research and becoming an advice and information hub for my friends.

It never ended. After exploring a few careers in education, today I’ve found my calling as Sex Coach Shannon—helping women and gender diverse folks activate their sensuality and have the passionate sex lives they desire…and deserve!

Sensual activation is my passion. I love helping women and others discover their untapped desires and embody eroticism with a pleasure practice.

As a full-time sex educator and sexual empowerment coach for women+, I’m ready to help you get erotically ignited. Get in touch to begin your journey!