Shannon (they/she)

Hi! I’m Shannon (they/she)

I’m a queer, kinky, poly, neurospicy sex coach based in New Orleans. I’ve been an educator for over 14 years and became a certified coach in 2021.

While I knew I wanted to be a teacher at an early age, I never imagined I’d wind up teaching about, of all things, sex.

But as I entered adulthood my peers and I often stumbled when it came to navigating sex and sexuality. We learned most lessons the hard way through trial and error or by reading books and sharing what we’d learned. As a true nerd, I blogged about everything I learned and joined sex-positive online communities.

Over time, I became a sort of unintentional hub for sexual information. People turned to me to ask where to find certain sex-related products, services, and communities. They wondered how to ensure safety as they explored the boundaries of pleasure.

So, I now research and write about sex, kink, and ethical nonmonogamy. I teach at various sexuality institutions and independently. I even volunteer as the Consent Director at a sex-positive festival.

Perhaps most importantly, I work with couples, throuples, and other intimately connected groups to help people have the sex lives they desire. My work as a sex coach is deeply fulfilling, and it’s an honor every time I’m included in someone’s sexual journey.

I’m proud to be a full-time educator, writer, and coach. Get in touch if you’d like to work together!

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