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Sex Coaching in the French Quarter

From couples adventures to retreats and bachelor/bachelorette parties, enjoy fun pleasure education in New Orleans with Sex Coach Shannon.

Check out these popular classes.👇

Top Private Classes:

Erotic Massage 👐

Increase sensuality with a luxurious whole-body massage.

Massage is a powerful way to give and recieve pleasure with a partner. Become more present with touch, relaxation, and eroticism in this popular session.

This private class includes verbal coaching through hands-on erotic massage techniques.

Pleasure Mapping 🔥

Discover untapped erogenous and erotic zones on each other’s bodies.

Practice presence with pleasure as you map your or your partner’s zones by hand. Then, explore soft and silky (or firm and pointy) sensory play devices. You’ll tease, tickle, poke, scratch, and squeeze your way to new pleasure heights.

This session includes verbal coaching through hands-on touch exercises.

Kink Tour 🔗

Visit a BDSM dungeon and explore a selection of toys.

Have you ever used blindfolds or restraints in the bedroom? How about tried a little spanking?

Enjoy expert guidance as you privately tour a fully-equipped dungeon. You’ll learn how to use cuffs, sex furniture, and anything else that catches your eye.

Orgasm Control 💪

Train yourself or your partner to come on command.

Want more control over when and how you or your partner climaxes? Orgasmic conditioning heightens awareness of your true threshold and strengthens your mind & body for complete climax control.

This session includes verbal coaching through hands-on touch exercises.

Top Party Classes:

Fantastic Fellatio 🍆

Learn—and practice—the oral skills that’ll make their toes curl.

A crowd favorite for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and fun retreats.

Join me at the Happy Kitten Den for a private and consumable lesson on all things fellatio. We’ll get a little messy while learning fun new skills.

Killer Cunnilingus 👅

Learn—and practice—the oral skills that’ll make their toes curl.

Another crowd favorite for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and fun retreats.

Join me at the Happy Kitten Den for this private fine dining lesson complete with edible games. A little friendly competition keeps things light and spicy.

Note: All classes are 90mins and include verbal coaching through exercises. Sex Coach Shannon does not provide sexological bodywork.

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New Orleans Sex Coach: Couples Classes, Party Events, and Retreats

New Orleans is known for its delightful decadence. The food, music, and parties are undeniably some of the best in the country.

So it makes sense that New Orleans is also the center of other forms of pleasure. The city is alive with sensuality and eroticism…everything you need for great sex!

In the search for fun things to do as a couple or group in New Orleans, a sex class stands out as a truly unique experience. With certified sex coach Shannon Burton, you can:

  • Learn how to give an erotic massage
  • Tour a BDSM dungeon and try out some of the equipment
  • Discover new erogenous zones through pleasure mapping
  • Become masters of arousal and pleasure
  • …and more!

Looking for a private experience for you and your lover? My French Quarter location includes a private room complete with comfy seating and massage tables.

Discuss your desires on the cozy couch.
Enjoy a sensuous massage.
Take a tour of the dungeon.

Seeking an activity for your retreat, bachelor party, or bachelorette party? Our Happy Kitten Den comfortably accommodates 12 guests for sensual learning.

Classes are tailored completely to participants’ preferences. Whether you prefer to stay fully dressed or are ready to get intimately hands-on with your learning, private classes are your safe space for completely consensual exploration.

Keep scrolling to see all of the sex classes I offer and book a private one just for you and your partner(s) or group!

Meet Your Instructor & Sex Coach

Shannon Burton, SXI

Hi! I’m Shannon.

With over 15 years of teaching experience, my sex classes encourage participants to get hands-on and have fun. I instruct and present at:

As a queer and kinky educator, I design classes that are inclusive of all orientations, genders, and sexual preferences.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about your pleasure anatomy or are seeking something new and exciting to try with your partner(s), I’m happy to help! Thank you for considering me in your search for fun things to do in New Orleans.

Looking for private sex coaching?

As a certified sex coach and educator, I help women+ and their partners:

Together, we can delve deep into your sexuality and discover possibilities like never before.

Are you ready? Book a discovery call now to start the journey.

Other Private Classes:

Unlocking Orgasm

Having an orgasm should be easy & fun, but for many it simply isn’t. Learn how to identify your body’s most orgasmic areas, remove blocks to pleasure, and stimulate yourself to ultimate satisfaction.

Check out the online course or Book a private session.

Sexual Communication Strategies

How do we describe the things we want sexually when so much sexual language is taboo? And what do we do when we’re ‘in the moment’ and struggling to say what we like and dislike? Get better at talking about sex with this workshop.

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Gender & Language

With our understanding of gender rapidly growing, some allies can have a hard time keeping up. Get the latest on pronouns, gender identities, and how to handle mistakes.

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Threesomes & Group Sex

How do you coordinate threesomes that are fun for everyone involved? Find out in this fun, conversational class on group sex.

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Orgies & Swinging

Whether you’re interested in partner-swapping or flying solo at sex parties, well-negotiated group sex can be a fun, safe time for all involved.

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Understanding Consent

Leading an event or organization that could use a consent refresher? This facilitated discussion brings groups of all ages together over consent as a form of respect.

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Ethical Nonmonogamy 101

New to ENM? Ethical or consensual nonmonogamy hinge on great communication, trust, and honesty. Learn the basics and how to handle things like jealousy in this workshop.

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Cultivating Sex Positivity

Negative thoughts or beliefs preventing you from embracing sexuality? Catch yourself casting judgment on others living their best sex lives? Learn how to undo harmful social messaging to see and reclaim your whole self—including the sexy parts.

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Let’s Get Kinky!

What is the difference between a kink and a fetish? How does someone start experimenting with BDSM? Get answers to these and other questions in this short live chat.

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Cuckolding & Hotwifing

Ready to make your cucking/hotwifing fantasies a reality? Already started but hitting snags? Let’s talk about the basics and how to navigate this fun kink.

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Strap-On Sex & Pegging

Harnesses, dildos, and lubes come in so many forms these days—and that’s just equipment! This workshop takes things further to cover techniques and other considerations when strapping on.

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