Sex Coach Shannon’s Services:

Coaching helps women and gender nonconforming individuals have the great sex they desire. Start with a free 2-min Sensual Analysis.

From livestreams to in-person sex workshops, there are many opportunities to learn about new ways to enjoy sex.

My weekly blog and exclusive worksheets have helped hundreds of people explore new approaches to finding sexual satisfaction.

What topics does Sex Coach Shannon cover?

Sensual activation. Kink. Nonmonogamy. Orgasm. My expertise spans many subjects. Click to learn more:

You deserve mind-blowing sex.

Everyone craves change in their sex life from time to time. Whether it’s to intensify arousal or have more orgasms, novelty is a cornerstone of human sexuality.

As a certified sex coach and educator, I’m here to help. Using evidence-based methods and research, I provide classes and private coaching for clients looking to enhance their sex lives.

I’m also a queer, kinky, nonmonogamous, nonbinary woman with a background in education and reproductive justice. Check out my story.

sex coach shannon with hands on hips and sticking tongue out with a brick background
Shannon (they/she)
sex coach shannon between two trees wearing a dark dress and flowers in her hair
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