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Sex Coach Shannon’s Services:

Coaching helps women+ and their partners have the great sex lives they desire. Learn more.

From livestreams to in-person sex workshops, there are many opportunities to learn with me.

My blog and resources have helped hundreds of people explore new sexy ideas.

What does Sex Coach Shannon do for clients?

Increase desire. Enhance orgasm. Explore kink. Navigate nonmonogamy.

My expertise spans many subjects.

You deserve mind-blowing sex.

Everyone craves change in the bedroom from time to time. Whether to increase libido or or have more orgasms, novelty is a cornerstone of human sexuality.

For women+, this comes with unique challenges. Few of us have been encouraged to inspect our deepest erotic desires, let alone express them.

As a certified sex coach and educator, I’m here to guide you deep into your sensual self. Together, we’ll activate your authentic sexuality for profound pleasure and transcendent sex.

Helping women confidently embody their sexual selves and experience erotic transformation is my passion. To learn more, check out my story.

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Shannon (they/she)
sex coach shannon between two trees wearing a dark dress and flowers in her hair
Photos by Shadow Angelina @shadowangelina

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