Shannon Burton, SXI

With over 14 years of professional teaching experience, my classes are engaging, fun, and encourage participants to get hands-on with learning. I instruct and present at:

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June 2: Gender & Language

With our understanding of gender rapidly growing, some allies can have a hard time keeping up. Get the latest on pronouns, gender identities, and how to handle mistakes.

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June 9: Cuckolding & Hotwifing

Ready to make your cucking/hotwifing fantasies a reality? Already started but hitting snags? Let’s talk about the basics and how to navigate this fun kink.

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June 15: Let’s Get Kinky!

What is the difference between a kink and a fetish? How does someone start experimenting with BDSM? Get answers to these and other questions in this short live chat.

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June 26: Intro to Erotic Massage

Giving a massage is one of the best ways to provide pleasure to a partner. Now, discover new ways to experience touch, relaxation, and sexual pleasure.

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June 26: Threesomes & Group Sex

How do you coordinate threesomes that are fun for everyone involved? Find out in this fun, conversational class on group sex.

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June 30: Group Sex, Orgies, & Swinging

Whether you’re interested in partner-swapping or flying solo at sex parties, well-negotiated group sex can be a fun, safe time for all involved.

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