Scheduling Sex Is Hot…Here’s How to Do It Right

Planned romps don’t have to feel routine. Listen, I get it. Scheduling sex just doesn’t sound sexy. The idea of “penciling it in” among work, errands, and other obligations can make even the most sex-positive people wince. Yet, scheduled sex is probably more common than you think. For example, perhaps you have… All of theseContinue reading “Scheduling Sex Is Hot…Here’s How to Do It Right”

The National Sex Ed Conference and Where to Find Online Sex Therapists

Last week, I virtually attended the Center for Sex Education’s National Sex Ed Conference and wrote an article about where you can find sex therapists offering online sessions.

Sex Down South, The Sexology Institute, and Pleasure School

After weathering Hurricane Ida and its aftermath, I’m entering the final stages of my sex coach certification course while stepping into my first role as an in-person sex educator.