Low Libido Affecting Your Love Life?

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Low libido, also known as low sex drive, is a nonexistent or decreased interest in sexual activity.

Fluctuations in sexual interest over the course of your lifetime are completely normal. However, some people experience a sudden and persistent drop in libido. Others with low sex drive report never having a very notable sex drive at any point in their life.

Extended cases of low libido are often distressing, and the sudden onset of low libido can even signal a medical issue.

For those coping with lifelong low libido, some may discover that they are asexual. Others believe that there is a sexual desire within them that is somehow suppressed.

Causes of Low Libido

The causes of low libido can be physical or psychological:

  • Physical causes include hormone issues, medication, over/under exercising, painful sex, certain medical conditions, sleep issues, and drug or alcohol use.
  • Psychological causes include stress, lack of relationship intimacy, low self-image, previous trauma, depression, and anxiety.

It is very common for low libido to appear alongside other sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction or anorgasmia. In many cases, one of these three conditions contributes to or is caused by the others. It can sometimes be hard to tell which issue came first and how to break the cycle.

How to Increase Libido

If you’re interested in treating your low sex drive, start by talking to your doctor. A doctor can rule out or identify physical causes of low libido and offer treatment options.

If a doctor rules out physical causes for low sex drive, you can turn to a therapist for help with any mental illness or history of trauma. These issues can have a big impact on your level of sexual desire.

If you’ve ruled out physical causes as well as mental illness or trauma, sensual activation can likely help with your low libido.

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How A Sex Coach Helps Increase Libido

For people in relatively good physical and mental health, sex coaching is an appropriate avenue for addressing low libido.

A sex coach works with clients to identify the sources of their low libido and craft a plan to activate their sensuality.

In addition to erotic embodiment exercises, this means tackling issues such as:

  • Stress. If low libido is caused by or exacerbated by stress, what are some ways to reduce stress in your life? Are there any limiting thoughts about your sexual ability that are leading to hesitancy or performance anxiety when it comes to sex? If so, a sex coach can help you unlearn these unhealthy thought patterns.
  • Low self-image. Whether it’s related to how we think our partners see us, the way we look, our ability to be good providers and caretakers, our self-worth, or something else that undermines our confidence, these things certainly get in the way of feeling sexual. A sex coach helps tease out these thoughts and examine them so you can take back control.
  • Relationship issues. In cases of low libido caused by relationship conflicts, couples coaching helps identify and address the underlying issues and restore sex drive. If a couple’s primary issue is mismatched libido, a coach can recommend ways to work together and “meet in the middle” when it comes to the frequency and quality of sex.

If you’re not sure what the source of your low libido is, a coach is also an excellent resource for figuring it out and addressing it.

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