Getting Shadowbanned and Identifying Scams

Remember when I posted last week about finally getting on Instagram?

Yeah, that didn’t last long.

It took less than a week on the platform to draw the attention of the Facebook/Instagram Ads Management team. After less than two hours of review, my Ads account was permanently suspended and my accounts shadowbanned.


I’m neither surprised nor bothered. I’ve written before about the sex-negativity of Facebook platforms, and it’s part of the reason why I avoided investing too much energy in creating content there and on Insta.

Despite the ban, the accounts are still up and running. You can find them here if you don’t want to miss out on my activity in the shadows:

Of course, all this just goes to show how unreliable social media can be as a way to keep up with your favorite sex educators. That’s why subscribing to this blog or joining my email list is so important—they let us keep in touch even when everywhere else shuts down sex-related content.

Onward and Upward: Is Sex Coaching a Scam?

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Before the block, I did manage to get some information out into the world about resolving erectile dysfunction and anorgasmia without medication. If you’re struggling to orgasm and/or remain erect, check out how sex coaching can help!

Of course, blasting content like this all over the internet inevitably invites questions and comments. One of the biggest ones: Is sex coaching a scam?

It’s a valid question. Nobody wants their vulnerabilities exploited to favor someone else’s financial gain.

So how can people experiencing ED, anorgasmia, or libido issues be sure that a sex coach will actually give them the help they need and solve their problem? I wrote a post covering just that last week: check it out.

Looking Ahead

I’m working on another free worksheet for my email subscribers this week. This one’s going to be all about solo sex; meaning everyone can use it regardless of relationships status!

We can all use some quality self-love in our lives, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss this fun activity.

Other than that, I’ve been busy booking clients and building a content plan that’s getting shared across my social media profiles. Check out my links page to make sure you’re following me wherever you hang out most, and keep an eye out for an article this week about dealing with low libido.

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Thanks for reading, and stay sexy. <3

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