The Secret of High-Libido Women: Sensual Activation

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How to increase libido naturally and safely.

According to the authors of one study, sexual desire “may be the single most common sexual event in human life.”

It doesn’t always feel that way—especially for the one in four women who experience low libido before menopause.

What constitutes “low” libido, of course, is relative. When partners similarly crave sex, whether every day or every decade, there’s no need to discuss sex drive.

People of all genders can find themselves with partners who desire more sex. However, research shows it happens to women more often.
Women are also more likely to agree to sex even when their libido is low or absent. This can create a cycle where tolerated sex keeps desire suppressed. 

On the other end of the spectrum, one in four women have a higher sex drive than the average man.

How do they do it? Can the rest of us increase libido naturally and safely, without medical treatments or underground remedies?

Absolutely! In fact, I help women increase libido every day.

In this post, I’ll:

  • go over current options for increasing sex drive in women
  • share my sensual activation method to increase libido naturally
  • explain how you can start safely increasing your sex drive right now

Increasing Sex Drive in Women

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There are medical, psychotherapeutic, and natural treatments for women looking to increase their libido.

Medical Treatments that Increase Libido

Medical treatments for low sex drive include hormone therapy and medication.

Estrogen therapy.

Also known as hormone replacement therapy or HRT, this therapy replenishes estrogen lost due to menopause, PCOS, and other conditions. Estrogen therapy is FDA-approved and has a history of good results.

Side effects include weight gain and an increased risk of breast cancer.

Testosterone therapy.

For post-menopausal women, androgen or testosterone therapy is an increasingly popular approach to increasing sex drive. Results so far have been mixed, and the therapy isn’t FDA approved.

Side effects include acne, facial and body hair growth, balding, and weight gain.


Some medications designed to increase libido in women include Addyi, Osphena, and Vyleesi.

  • Addyi is a daily antidepressant pill that may boost libido in women who find their low sexual desire distressing. Side effects include low blood pressure, sleepiness, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and fainting.
  • Osphena is a daily pain-reducing pill that modulates estrogen receptors. This medication is for women with vulvovaginal atrophy. Side effects include anxiety, chest pain, dizziness, fainting, skin rash, and hoarseness.
  • Vyleesi is a medication you inject before sexual activity. It is an FDA-approved treatment for low sexual desire in premenopausal women. Side effects include vomiting, flushing, headache, and skin reactions.

Psychotherapy Approaches that Improve Sex Drive

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Psychotherapy treatments for low sex drive include psychodynamic therapy, couples therapy, cognitive-beheavioral therapy, somatic therapy, and mindfulness.

Psychodynamic therapy.

Also known as “talk therapy,” this is an opportunity to explore any unconscious factors behind sexual inhibition.

Couples therapy.

If relationship issues contribute to low sex drive, a couples counselor can help address and resolve them.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy.

In some cases, a therapist can increase libido by reframing the way you think about sex and the sexual acts you engage in.

Somatic therapy.

This is a form of “touch therapy”. A sex therapist or educator may guide you through self-touch or, with your consent, touch your body as part of the therapy.


An increasing body of studies suggests that practicing mindfulness helps people find sex more enjoyable, thus increasing their desire for it.

How to Naturally Increase Libido in Women

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You can naturally increase sex drive with well-woman living, relationship work, masturbation, acupuncture, yoga, and sensual activation.

Well-woman living.

A healthful lifestyle supports a buoyant sex drive. Limit alcohol, nicotine, and other libido-crushing substances. Find ways to exercise that are fun and safe for you. Decrease stress where possible.

Relationship work.

A happy relationship is the foundation of enthusiastic partnered sex. Learn about healthy communication and conflict resolution strategies. Work as a team with your partner(s) to address relationship issues.


Also known as “solo sex,” masturbation is a highly effective and natural way to increase sex drive in women. Self-pleasure, freedom to fantasize, and orgasm all fuel arousal that can translate to partnered sex.


Some studies suggest that acupuncture may help with low libido and lubrication difficulties for women taking antidepressant medications. Be sure to search for an acupuncture specialist with plenty of experience and good reviews.


Some yoga instructors provide libido-boosting flow practices that have yielded positive results in research.

While there are many supplements and oils advertised as natural libido-increasing products, none have stood up to scientific review. Some have actually been proven dangerous. Avoid these off-market treatments.

Increase Libido Naturally with Sensual Activation

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In my practice, there’s one approach I’ve used repeatedly to successfully increase women’s libido:

Sensual activation.

Think about something you are (or have been) really passionate about. Perhaps your work, a hobby, or a special interest. Maybe you are passionate about your role within your family, community, spirituality, or with nature.

Whatever it is, think about the way this passion exists in your life. Its energy likely wells up naturally from deep within you, compelling you to pursue it and rise to its challenges.

It probably feels easy or right to do things related to this passion, even if the things themselves are hard. Your passion fuels you and feels like a core part of who you are. In fact, it can be difficult to not pursue this passion, your drive for it is so strong.

You have a similar capacity for deep, energetic, compelling sexual passion that wells up naturally from a core part of you. That core part is something I call a Sensual Source.

When you activate your Sensual Source with pleasure practices and erotic embodiment, you empower your inner source of erotic energy.

Sensual activation requires no:

  • hormone therapy
  • medication,
  • counseling
  • supplements
  • oils, or
  • special diets.

All you need to become sensually activated is your body, a willingness to dive deep into your sensual self, and the desire to embrace what you find.

The first step is to identify your Sensual Source.

Get Your Free Sensual Analysis

Your Sensual Source is a wellspring of erotic passion.

After working with women and others looking to increase their sex drive, I’ve boiled the Sensual Source discovery process down to a simple, 6-question quiz.

Take the quiz to find your own Sensual Source and get a personalized Sensual Analysis:

Once you’ve discovered your Sensual Source, you can activate it with a simple daily pleasure practic routine. You’ll find some ideas in my Sensual Activation Guide.

Make time to embody your unique sensuality each day and watch it expand.

Sexual energy feeds on sensuality. The more empowered your Sensual Source, the more you’ll move from sensually activated to erotically ignited.

The Sensual Secret to Naturally Increased Libido

Most high-libido women can’t explain their high sex drive. They “just want sex.”

But high-libido women have a secret: they are sensually activated. They’ve often been sensually activated for a long time, supporting profound erotic ignition.

You can be erotically ignited, too. Find your Sensual Source to start the journey, and join the Sensually Sourced Community to keep going.

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