Return of the Sex Coach

I’m late, I know! But I have a good reason.

I was so eager to get the word out about exciting things happening in my last post that I forgot I’d planned to be out in the woods and disconnected this past weekend.


Better late than never, though, so here are some updates from over the last week:

Gender & Language Presentation

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The presentation went great! So great, in fact, that the director of the Sexology Institute asked if I’d be willing to adapt the presentation (which was geared towards sex educators) for a more general audience. She’d like me to offer it as a webinar for their boutique and coaching customers. Win!

So that’s another project on the near horizon, and I’m excited to spread the word about how we can be more welcoming for people of all gender identities in our day-to-day interactions, content, marketing, social media posts, and more.

In the meantime, if you want the blog-post version of my take on gender and language, check out this guest post I did for Coffee & Kink a while back.

Sex Coach Certification

official certified sex coach seal from the sexology institute; seal is a turquoise circle with serrated edge and windmill logo in the center

Of course, a successful presentation means certification, right?


I was awarded my official sex coach certification by the Sexology Institute on Sept. 22, 2021. This was a little past my intended graduation date, but it’s done nonetheless. In the next few days, I’ll be added to the Alumni page and featured on the institute’s social media.

I’m particularly excited and hopeful for opportunities to work with other sex educators and help our reach go further together. I’ve got a knack for instructional design, tech, marketing, and presenting. I also wouldn’t mind co-hosting a podcast if someone has the sound editing know-how.

This is me putting those hopes out there to see what comes back to me. If you’re a sex educator who wants to work together, reach out!

In the meantime, I’ll be opening up slots for individual and partnered sex coaching sessions, seeking out writing opportunities, and ramping up the marketing here and on my Medium, Twitter, and FetLife accounts.

Medium, Twitter, and FetLife

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Some notes on these channels I’ll be active on. At the moment, Medium and Twitter aren’t aggressively sex-negative. However, they always have the ability to pull the rug out from under sex educators at any time. (FetLife could, too, but the site was built on sex-positivity, so it’s much less likely.)

For this reason, I’m cross-posting anything I put on Medium on FetLife as a backup and as a way to reach a wider audience. It’s a much more titillating, sex-focused, and visually open platform. Basically, it’s not for the faint of heart. If you haven’t already heard of the site, consider this your warning.

All that to say: we really need to be getting over sexual stigma, y’all. The fact that sex workers (and sex educators are, arguably, a type of sex worker) continue to get shut out of the platforms that enable them to make a safe living is unacceptable.

Investigate those sex-negative feelings, judgements you make about people’s sexuality and what they do with their bodies, and problematic gut reactions. Ask yourself where those feelings came from, and how you can undo them. We all can work on this together.

And don’t forget to support sex workers.

Coming Up: Pleasure School, Articles, and More

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In about a month, I’ll be teaching a class on pegging at the Happy Kitten Pleasure School. Check it and the other classes out and see if you want to come through!

I’ll also be working to publish more articles on specific topics related to sex coaching and sex education. While this blog covers my personal journey as a new sex educator, these articles will focus more on things like how to reclaim your sexy after a breakup, find discreet play parties, or have great solo sex.

There’s even a post about what sex coaching is, in case you weren’t sure.

I’ll make sure to link to any new posts here for you each week. You can also follow me on Medium, Twitter, or FetLife to get alerted as soon as new articles are published.

On the distant horizon, I’m looking into creating workbooks, webinars, and perhaps even group coaching sessions. Keep an eye out here for updates and developments, and as always…

stay sexy. <3

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