Sex Down South, The Sexology Institute, and Pleasure School

Wow-ee, it has been an eventful month already!

After weathering Hurricane Ida and its aftermath here in New Orleans, I’m grateful to have a home, electricity, and even internet. Many can’t say the same, and I’ve been donating, info-sharing, and offering what help I can while maintaining responsible boundaries for my physical and mental health.

Despite the meteorological challenge, I’m currently entering the final stages of my sex coach certification course while stepping into my first official role as sex educator. I also recently attended my first sex-focused conference.

With all that’s going on, I’ve decided to use this blog to keep followers updated on what’s happening with Sex Coach Shannon, opportunities to connect, and plans for the future. Let’s dive in.

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Sex Down South

Sex Down South is “an inclusive sex and sexuality conference in Atlanta, GA that aims to foster learning, inspiration, and wonder – and provoke conversations that matter.”

This year, the conference took place on Sep. 10, 11, and 12 both in-person and virtually. I purchased virtual-only tickets mostly because I waited until the last minute, but they worked out since traveling after Hurricane Ida would have been difficult.

I didn’t have internet access restored by the time the conference started, so I attended using my cell phone. The technology was imperfect, but functional, and I connected with some amazing educators. I even bumped into some local friends, like Rocharlotte and one of the creators of Talisman Leather.

I also virtually met people I’d only previously connected with through Twitter or other social media, including Luna Matatas (peg the patriarchy!).

It was lovely to meet and interact with people through my phone screen in the days after the storm, but honestly, I can’t wait to go in person next year. I’m also planning to set some funds aside to attend Sex Geek Summer Camp. Who knew someone was already running something I’d created in my head!?

I can feel that I’m just on the tippity top of my sex-ed-career iceberg, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

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The Sexology Institute

I’ve been working on my sex coach certification through the Sexology Institute for over a year now, and I am SO READY to finish it.

That’s not to say I’m not enjoying the program – I love it! It’s just taken longer than I expected due to pretty standard 2020/2021 hurdles. In fact, Hurricane Ida hit on the day I was supposed to give my final presentation. (womp-womp)

BUT, I am slated to give that presentation tomorrow, and I’m very prepared. I’ve been researching Gender and Language for Sex Educators for a while now, and it’s time for this baby to come on out into the world. (Why on earth did that analogy come to mind?)

After that, I’ll have a final meeting with director Melissa Jones and hopefully tie up any loose ends. Certification, here I come!

happy kitten logo, a white winking cartoon cat on red background

The Happy Kitten Pleasure School

Finally, I’m excited to announce that I have my first official in-person sex education gig lined up. The Happy Kitten Pleasure School dives into topics that help attendees expand their pleasure palate. Classes will occur once a month on weekends, and are followed by a dip in the on-premise pool.

I’ll be teaching my first class at the Pleasure School in October, talking about pegging. I’ll cover equipment and lube selection, harness fitting, preparing for anal play, positions, pleasure spots such as the prostate, and more. I’ll even have gear from Talisman Leather and Dynamo Toys for attendees to check out and purchase if they’d like.

If you’re in town, grab a partner and come check it out! Spots are limited to just 6 couples, but there are other classes, too.

Starting the Sex Educator Journey

That’s all I’ve got for now, and I just know there’s so much more to come. Thanks for joining me for the ride, friends. I’ll try to check in with another post next weekend!

Stay sexy! <3

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