Breathing is Nonbinary

On the surface, breathing seems binary. You’re either inhaling or exhaling, amirite?

Except, at the end of each inhale and exhale, there’s a moment where things are different. Neither inhaling nor exhaling, an in-between.

You can pause at this moment and take time to feel it, if you want to. But most of the time, you breathe without thinking: in, (moment), out, (moment), a cycle that ~seems~ binary, but isn’t.

You spend most of your time in the binary, inhaling or exhaling. It’s the majority of your breathing work.

But for countless short moments a day you, my friend, exist outside the binary. Breathless, divine, something different than a 1 or 0.

Maybe gender ain’t all that different.

Published by Shannon Burton

Erotic Ignition Coach by day, poet and flash fiction author by night, I occasionally manage to get out of the house and enjoy New Orleans as it's meant to be.

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