10 Sex Furniture Pieces You’ve Gotta Try

Already made use of every surface in the house? Perhaps it’s time for something new!

Sex furniture comes in a variety of forms, from multi-use pieces that can pass as regular furniture or decoration to dedicated devices worked lovingly into your home.

All of them are sure to introduce new positions, pleasures, and excitement to your next lovemaking session.

Start making space: here are 10 sex furniture pieces sure to inspire your next hottest night.

1. Chaise Lounge

You may have glimpsed a chaise lounge in Netflix’s How to Build a Sex Room. While product pages like the one linked above often use words like ‘yoga’, ‘stretching’, and ‘relaxation’ to describe their furniture, this armless chaise lounge design was first popularized for one thing…hot sex.

Lounges vary in size, upholstery, and craftsmanship quality. Take your time and shop around. If you don’t want to worry too much about cleaning, you can always throw a blanket down before getting down.

2. Sex Swing

A classic piece for adventurous sexplorers, sex swings get better and better every year. Shop around for a wide range of materials and anchoring options. Some sex swings can be hung over doors while others require installing a hard point. Still more come with their own sturdy and collapsible stand.

There are sex swing options for every budget and so many ways to use them. They’re especially great for achieving near-effortless deep penetration. Get creative and discover your new favorite position.

3. Queening Chair

Have you come across queening chairs and sex stools yet? Whoo-wee what fun! Sit on one while a partner lies their face underneath and provides their best oral service, and/or position penetrative body parts or toys underneath for the ride of your life.

The sex stool pictured above is especially good for long bouncing or riding sessions. There are, however, luxuriously crafted queening chairs designed with less bounce and more built-in support for facesitting. Check out Etsy for some truly gorgeous options.

4. Sex Ramp

Sex ramps and chairs designed to support a person’s legs and back are excellent pieces for ensuring comfort, relaxation, and maximum pleasure. This is especially true when it comes to enjoying long sessions of oral lovin’.

If inflatable isn’t your style, don’t worry. There are definitely other options out there if you look around a bit.

5. Sex Wedge

For those looking for something more compact, a sex wedge should be just the right size. Blending right in with your pillows or easily tucked under the bed, the Liberator Wedge (and similar pieces) sturdily supports backs, pelvises, or whatever body parts you’re ready to prop up for more access.

Most wedges come with a conveniently removable cover for washing. Some have additional wedge pieces for even more positioning options. Look at a few versions until you find the right one for you.

6. Massage Table

While massage tables are not designed to be sex furniture (and you should never expect sexual acts during a professional massage), they certainly lend themselves to a number of sensual options at home. Collapsible ones are also easy to store out of sight.

Slow things down and give your partner an erotic massage before moving to the bed. These tables are much firmer than most mattresses because they’re designed to maximize comfort for the ultimate relaxed massage experience. With adjustable height and removable face rests, there are many ways to get creative with who can reach what while using the table.

7. Bed Kits

Any bed can be a sex bed, of course. But you can amp things up with restraint kits or canopy beds with sturdy frames.

Both of these options provide ample opportunity to introduce straps, cuffs, and other elements to your bedroom activities. For some, straps hanging from a robust canopy opens the door for new positions or holding favorite positions even longer. For others, the experience of being tied down is highly erotic.

8. Sex Bench

Sex or spanking benches isn’t all these furniture pieces are good for. Prop your shins on the bottom two beams, and lay your torso across the top. I’m sure you can imagine all kinds of fun to have once you or a partner is in this convenient position.

Place the bench in front of a full-length mirror for added fun. This allows everyone a great view of what’s happening.

9. Restraint Table

If you’ve got the space for it (or access to one outside your home), a bondage or restraint table is great for those who enjoy playing with rope, cuffs, teasing, or even a little loving torture.

A comfortable and easy-to-clean tabletop is important in these pieces, as well as sturdy craftsmanship that can withstand all of your sexy activities.

The bars should be set firmly enough to withstand pulling on any attached ropes, straps, or cuffs. In the case of this handmade table at The Portal in New Orleans, they also serve as the bars of a built-in cage for pet play.

Can’t travel to New Orleans? A portable bondage board might do the trick.

10. St. Andrew’s Cross

A post about sex furniture isn’t complete without mentioning the St. Andrew’s Cross. While traditional takes on the cross can feel imposing in some spaces, there are many options today when it comes to color, size, materials, and even collapsibility.

Lean forward or back against the cross with or without restraints. Let it keep you standing while you receive your preference of pleasure, pain, or a mixture of both.

Many assume the cross is used strictly for impact play. However, sensory play and many a pleasure-focused session have played out on this cross in New Orleans and others around the world.

Looking for new ideas?

100 New Sex Ideas for Experienced Lovers is chock-full of fresh ideas you can try on your own at home.

The best part? It’s totally free!

100 New Sex Ideas for Experienced Lovers
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