100 New Sex Ideas for Experienced Lovers

There’s something I’ve noticed about people in long-lasting relationships: most are willing to try just about anything once.

Seeking new experiences together is one of the top ways partners maintain connection and excitement. Research supports this practice, as novelty has been proven to release dopamine and activate the pleasure centers of the brain.

Seeking new sexual experiences, of course, is an especially pleasurable way to connect.

Sexual Novelty in Today’s World

For some, it’s hard to imagine anything qualifying as sexually novel these days. After all:

  • Yes-No-Maybe lists are easy to find, effectively acting as ‘to-try’ lists for adventurous partners.
  • Online shopping makes it possible to discretely ship an endless variety of fun devices right to your home.
  • Brick-and-mortar stores have come a long way from their seedy past; adult boutiques with friendly and knowledgeable staff can be found in most major cities.
  • Porn and erotica are widely available at no cost, providing plenty of inspiration.
  • Sex classes, both virtual and in-person, offer detailed coverage of a wide variety of sexual acts worth exploring.
  • Sex clubs, dungeons, swinger parties, and other events and venues that celebrate sexual novelty openly advertise if you know where to look.

For those who have taken advantage of all these sources of new experiences, however, it’s possible to reach a point where the question becomes: What haven’t we tried?

New Sex Ideas for Seasoned Adventurers

Photo by RODNAE Productions

After working with many clients who have ‘tried everything at least once,’ I decided to put together a list of 100 acts that might have slipped their attention.

Some of these ideas include:

  • Timed play: Set a specific time that your sexy activities will stop, regardless of what’s happening. Sexual/sensual activity must continue for the duration of the set time. Shorter sessions may inspire ravenous quickies or serve as teasers for longer sessions later. Longer sessions can inspire ingenuity if your usual routine ends before time is up, or may encourage everyone to take things much slower than usual for an extra erotic experience.
  • Auralism: Auralism is sexual arousal brought on by sound. You don’t have to have an auralism fetish to enjoy it. Experiment with playing music in the bedroom if you haven’t yet, or expand into new genres if you already do (it can be especially fun to cultivate a practice of sending each other songs you think would be fun to fuck to). Some enjoy listening to the hot sounds in porn without watching the screen, others simply get more vocal or noisy themselves during sex.
  • Nuru Massage: Give your partner a full-body massage with, well, your whole body. Traditionally performed with a seaweed-based gel, this slippery and erotic act works just as well with any 100% vegetable oil. Obviously, take steps to make cleanup as easy for you as possible.
  • Orgasmic Breathing: With practice, orgasmic breathing can have transcendent results. It helps if you have some experience with breathwork (such as breathing meditation) outside of the bedroom. Visualize your breath moving inward as you inhale, through your body to your genitals. Hold and tune into erotic sensations, then exhale to release and repeat. Find a rhythm that stimulates you for climactic results.

The full list is broken into four sections, with anywhere between a dozen to over thirty ideas in each category: Vanilla-Ish, Getting Kinky, More Risk: More Reward, and Nonmonogamy.

And, as a queer, nonbinary, polyamorous writer—I made an effort to create a list that people of all relationship configurations, genders, and bodies could really put to use.

While there may be some things on this list you’ve already tried, I’d venture to say you haven’t tried everything.

And even if you have (wow, kudos!), I’m willing to bet you’ll rediscover forgotten favorites worth a revisit or find a way to put a new spin on them.

If you’re ready for the list, you can get it right now! It’s in ebook form just waiting to hit your inbox:

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If you’re wondering: yes, I had a lot of fun putting this list together!

I get much of my inspiration from clients who book private classes in New Orleans as well as the sexy folks who share their experiences with me on social media. If you’d like to join our ranks, connect with me on:

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Published by Shannon Burton

Sex educator and writer by day, poet and flash fiction author by night, I occasionally manage to get out of the house to enjoy New Orleans as it's meant to be.

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