Agility in Sex Ed Entrepreneurship

Real talk: entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.

Four weeks ago, I was celebrating after embarking on A New Direction. I had figured some important things out, and was ready and excited for the journey ahead.

There was one important piece of support allowing me to do that, however: income. Specifically, a big chunk of necessity-covering income that I was earning by writing non-sex-ed material for one long-term client. 💰

Three weeks ago, that client’s organization was restructured—and my list of upcoming work with them went out the window. 💸

I wasn’t told this until two weeks ago, in the days following Mardi Gras. At least I was able to enjoy the festivities ignorant of how broke I was about to be! 🤣

One week ago, I accepted an offer from a different non-sex-ed client offering similar pay. This is a short-term contract, but at least it will hold me over. 🤝

This week, I accepted another contract for similar pay with a sex-ed client! 🎉 This is my first full-rate sex ed writing job and I am stoked. It is also another temporary contract.

The emotional whiplash is serious, y’all. I went from popping bottles 🍾 > to panic 😲 > to scrambling 🍳 > right back to popping bottles 🥂.

You truly have to be ready to take the good and the bad, and keep taking it…again and again.

May you all have fewer panics and quicker turnarounds when you do—I’m gonna head to Esoterotica tonight and unwind with some erotic poetry, and go to my first HUMP! Film Fest this weekend to keep the celebration going.

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