Reflections on the Old Year, Plans for the New

Last year was a hard year for many, no doubt about it. Personally, I’m grateful for each day I safely spent with loved ones and the lessons in ingenuity we’ve learned along the way.

Despite many challenges, there were some glimmers in 2021. Most notably, it was the year that I:

While I’m proud of these personal achievements, I’m also proud of anyone who survived 2021. Given the weight of an ongoing pandemic with new variants still appearing, economic difficulty, and for many (including myself) the hardship of catastrophic natural disasters, anyone still standing is a survivor. That includes you.

Looking Ahead

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Heading into 2022, I plan to keep busy with a number of goals. I’m avoiding formal resolutions because, honestly, these days resolve is hard to come by.

With gentle goals and flexible timelines in mind, I’m hoping this year to gift myself kindness. I’ll take steps at my pace, and rest often. I’ll get where I want to be as quickly or as slowly as I desire each day.

That being said, there are a few thing I’m setting out to do in the next few weeks and months:

  • I plan to expand on and improve the yes, no, maybe lists. These will always be free for anyone on my Worksheets and Resources Mailing List. Sign up now to automatically recieve them in your inbox!
  • Those on the mailing list will also recieve totally new worksheets designed to help people explore things like reclaiming sexuality after a breakup, ethical nonmonogamy, sex for single people, and more.
  • A new page will soon be live on this site displaying all of my available classes. Both virtual and in person classes are available monthly, and some of the virtual ones can be viewed on demand and/or at no cost.
  • In the background, I’ll be plugging away two major projects of the workbook/journal variety. I hope to have one of these completed by summer, and the other by the end of the year. Get excited!

As always, I’m available for coaching sessions if you need me. If one of your goals for 2022 is to improve your sex life, reach out! I’ll be reserving space on my calendar for coaching clients even while working on these goals.

Happy New Year!

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