Happy Holidays!

Whether you’re celebrating something special this holiday season or spending it in quiet reflection of another year gone by, I hope you’re finding peace and connecting with loved ones.

This week, I’m traveling to my other home in the US Virgin Islands to be with family for Christmas and ring in the new year with some dear friends.

While there, I’ll be taking time to flesh out what Sex Coach Shannon as a business will look like in 2022. So far, it’s looking like more Yes, No, Maybe Lists, educational videos, and in-depth exploration workbooks on everything from kink to ethical nonmonogamy.

Worksheets and Other Resources

If you missed my post last week about Yes, No, Maybe lists, be sure to check it out! There’s even a free worksheet included for those who’d like to give it a try.

You can also now subscribe to my email list for free worksheets and other resources to improve your sex life. First-time subscribers immediately receive Yes, No, Maybe lists for exploring kink and anal play. If you’re feeling adventurous, sign up!

Don’t feel like signing up? Check out my new resource page to keep up with what I’m reading and listening to for the latest on sexual exploration.

Heading into A New Year

Things around here are going to quiet down over the next couple of weeks while I’m traveling. When I return I hope to be refreshed, re-energized, and full of ideas for making the most of 2022.

I’ve always been a fan of creating intentional new year’s resolutions defined by clear milestones. This year, I’m hoping to find authentic ways to put more sex-positivity out into the world. I hope you feel empowered to do the same.

Happy holidays, and stay sexy. <3

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