Ethical Nonmonogamy, Virtual Classes, and the Sex-Positive Book Club

It has been a WEEK, y’all.

Once I got my butt back at my desk, the work simply poured through me. From doing my first-ever Facebook Live event and building out my first classes to accidentally launching a sex-positive book club, it’s been nonstop.

Here’s everything that went down, and what’s still going on:

Free Live Chat: Ethical Nonmonogamy 101

On Wednesday, I went live for the first time on Facebook to talk basics about ethical nonmonogamy. From open relationships and swinging to polyamory and organizing threesomes, I offered clarity to those overwhelmed with information.

Check out the recording below, and consider following my Facebook page for more free Live chats in the future. There’s one on strap-on sex scheduled for Feb. 9!

If you prefer reading over watching videos, I refined my video notes into a blog post that you can find here.

Virtual Classes

After doing my first Live chat, I realized that there was still so much more to be shared about ethical nonmonogamy. To meet the need for more in-depth information, I put together a 1.5-hour class all about Practicing Ethical Nonmonogamy.

To join the class, check out my new classes page or sign up for class email alerts. There’s also an upcoming class on strap-on sex for those of you who are interested.

These $25 classes are designed to go far beyond what a Live chat can cover. They’re longer, include professional presentations on the topic as well as live Q&A, and attendees get worksheets they can take home.

In the ethical nonmonogamy class, for example, attendees receive an exclusive worksheet to help them determine whether they’re ready to start exploring ethical nonmonogamy. Knowing this is the first step!

The Sex-Positive Book Club

Last week, I wrote a review of Come As You Are. It really caught people’s attention!

I truly believe that Come As You Are addresses possibly the most common issue women seek help with when it comes to sex: inhibition. In fact, I feel so strongly about it that I recommend it to almost every woman who reaches out to me about feeling unmotivated or hesitant when it comes to sex.

Which is exactly how I accidentally started the Sex Positive Book Club. In the comments of someone else’s Facebook post about sexual reluctance, I mentioned how common the issue was and how I was happy to read Come As You Are at the same time as any women looking to remove their sexual blocks.

While the initial response was small (just two people), it was enough to start a little group chat about the book. Once my blog post about the book hit social media, however, I suddenly had multiple friends, acquaintances, followers, and even complete strangers reaching out with a desire to join the conversation.

And so the Sex Positive Book Club was born. Come As You Are is our first book, and there will hopefully be many more. We’ll be reading this one until the end of February. If you want to join us over on Facebook, come on in!

Looking Ahead…

Wow, what ISN’T happening in the days and weeks ahead?

While I’ve already talked about the upcoming Live chats on Facebook and classes, you can also expect to see additional ones on Gender & Language. This is the topic I did my final presentation on to earn my sex coach certification. You’ll be able to get updated and refined information if you find yourself having a hard time with pronouns and non-gendered words on occassion.

My coaching sessions are filling up, and that’s exciting. I always love meeting new clients and creating plans to help them reach their goals, whether it be to experience more arousal and desire or to reliably reach orgasm. Book a session if you think you could benefit from private coaching.

As always, if you’d like to receive free worksheets and resources in your inbox, sign up for my email list:

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That’s about all for now. There are big projects bubbling in the background, but I’ll save those updates for when we’re closer to launch.

Until then…

stay sexy! <3

Shannon Burton, SXI

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