Privacy Policy

1. Personal information is processed by Shannon Burton, a coach and educator certified by the Sexology Institute:,

2. I collect personal information when (potential) clients express an interest in products, coaching, and/or classes. Information is securely transmitted through forms hosted on WordPress, GSuite, and Typeform on the and websites, as well as in calls, meetings, and emails originating from or accounts. Additional client information may be gathered through social media or referrals.

3. The information I collect consists of:

  • Name & pronouns
  • Contact information (phone number, email, other)
  • Payment details
  • Details about our interaction (what happened during a session or workshop and what you shared via interactions, messages, quizzes, or forms)
  • Other information relevant to our interactions

4. I collect this information for the following purposes:

  • To be able to contact (potential) clients
  • To be able to offer (potential) clients a custom plan
  • To be able to plan meetings
  • To be able to send (potential) clients payment requests
  • For marketing purposes
  • In case of default
  • To offer (potential) clients the best possible service

5. In some cases I share contact details of (potential) clients with third parties, such as GSuite, WordPress, accounting software, marketing software, and other parties necessary for providing my services.

Where possible I anonymize details of (potential) clients. I do not share details about  interactions with (potential) clients with third parties. If I am required by law to share details of (potential) clients, I will. I will not share details of (potential) clients for commercial purposes.

6. I store personal details of (potential) clients no longer than one year after our last contact, unless obliged by law.

7. To make sure personal details of (potential) clients are safe I anonymize details of (potential) clients when possible and store information about our interaction (‘client notes’) on a password protected device (not in a cloud or similar).

8. If you want to know what data I have collected on you, please contact me at I will give you an overview of the data within a month of your request. If you have a complaint, please contact me so we can find a solution.

9. This privacy statement is subject to change. All changes will be published on