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Many people don’t orgasm as powerfully or as frequently as they’d like.

Others have never orgasmed at all.

Research shows that one in four women struggle to orgasm and 75% of men experience difficulty orgasming at least once in their lifetime.

While more gender-inclusive research still needs to be done, there’s one thing we know for sure: orgasm is out of reach for a lot of people.

So I created an Orgasm School. 👇🏼

Your Orgasm Coach: Shannon Burton, SXI

Over the last year, I’ve been working with clients struggling with orgasm. After witnessing their common hurdles, I decided to create a series of science-backed online programs designed to bring more people from “no-gasm” to “Oh-gasm!”

For now, I’m offering a free four-day, all-genders course and activity book on unlocking orgasm:

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Unlocking Orgasm will show you:

  • how to find the most orgasmic areas of your anatomy
  • effective stimulation methods using your own body, toys, or both
  • ways to maximize arousal for ultimate orgasm potential
  • simple practices to broaden your pleasure spectrum

Sound right for you? Start now!

đź‘€Looking Ahead to the Future of Orgasm School

Over the next few months, I’ll be working to build bigger, more comprehensive programs for all genders focused on unlocking orgasm and increasing pleasure thresholds. Programs will be backed by research and peer-reviewed by fellow sex educators and coaches.

Until then, take a look at the program outlines below. You can join my mailing list to be the first to know when they go live. (And I’ll send you a free activity book as a thank you!)

Available Now! Come With Ease (The Easy-O Course)

Come With Ease

Ready for 8 weeks of hands-on instruction? This research-based, all-genders course provides a guided journey and detailed directions to becoming your most orgasmic self. Learn about:

  • the most orgasmic areas of your anatomy
  • practicing pleasure for maximum arousal
  • identifying arousal and climax accelerators
  • self-love strategies
  • how to have orgasmic sex!

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Coming Soon: Single & Satisfied (An Orgasmic Self-Actualization Journey)

Single & Satisfied

Just because you’re unattached doesn’t mean you can’t achieve complete sexual satisfaction. In this course, learn how to become your own most powerful source of world-rocking orgasms. Learn how to:

  • shed the stigma of singlehood or solo life through orgasmic practices
  • gain the self-confidence needed to be your own best lover
  • explore your deepest erotic desires with complete independence and control
  • find yourself again through sensuality, pleasure, arousal, and climax
  • discover new framing of and approaches to sex and satisfaction

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Coming Soon: Orgasmic Control (Last Longer & Experience More Powerful Orgasms)

Orgasmic Control

For those who already come with ease. If you’re looking for ways to delay orgasm, have more powerful orgasms, or become multiorgasmic, this is the course for you. With these lessons, you’ll learn how to:

  • gain control over when and how you climax
  • achieve blended orgasms from multiple sources
  • have deeper climax experiences
  • practice orgasmic breathing and mindfulness
  • use edging and engage in orgasm play

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Squirt Workshop

This isn’t a program, but rather a single workshop designed to help vulva-havers unlock ejaculation. Learn:

  • the anatomy of vaginal ejaculation (squirting)
  • what areas to stimulate, and how to do so
  • the many different types of possible orgasms
  • what squirting feels like
  • how to increase your squirting potential

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Anal Orgasm Workshop

This is a single workshop for those looking to experience orgasm through anal and/or prostate stimulation. Learn:

  • the pleasure-ful anatomy of the anus, rectum, & prostate
  • what areas to stimulate, and how to do so
  • what anal orgasms feel like
  • how to increase your anal orgasm potential

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Cuckolding & Hotwifing

Ready to make your cucking/hotwifing fantasies a reality? Already started but hitting snags? Let’s talk about the basics and how to navigate this fun kink.

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Sexual Communication Strategies

How do we describe the things we want sexually when so much sexual language is taboo? And what do we do when we’re ‘in the moment’ and struggling to say what we like and dislike? Get better at talking about sex with this workshop.

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Strap-On Sex & Pegging

Harnesses, dildos, and lubes come in so many forms these days—and that’s just equipment! This workshop takes things further to cover techniques and other considerations when strapping on.

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Gender & Language

With our understanding of gender rapidly growing, some allies can have a hard time keeping up. Get the latest on pronouns, gender identities, and how to handle mistakes.

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Threesomes & Group Sex

How do you coordinate threesomes that are fun for everyone involved? Find out in this fun, conversational class on group sex.

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Group Sex, Orgies, & Swinging

Whether you’re interested in partner-swapping or flying solo at sex parties, well-negotiated group sex can be a fun, safe time for all involved.

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Understanding Consent

Leading an event or organization that could use a consent refresher? This facilitated discussion brings groups of all ages together over consent as a form of respect.

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Intro to Erotic Massage

Giving a massage is one of the best ways to provide pleasure to a partner. Now, discover new ways to be present with touch, relaxation, and sexual pleasure.

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Ethical Nonmonogamy 101

New to ENM? Ethical or consensual nonmonogamy hinge on great communication, trust, and honesty. Learn the basics and how to handle things like jealousy in this workshop.

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Cultivating Sex Positivity

Negative thoughts or beliefs preventing you from embracing sexuality? Catch yourself casting judgment on others living their best sex lives? Learn how to undo harmful social messaging to see and reclaim your whole self—including the sexy parts.

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Let’s Get Kinky!

What is the difference between a kink and a fetish? How does someone start experimenting with BDSM? Get answers to these and other questions in this short live chat.

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TBD: Mindful Masturbation (virtual)

Tune into erotic energy and reduce distractions during sex by learning how to be present with pleasure. This guided masturbation session will get you started.

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