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100 New Sex Ideas for Experienced Lovers (Free)

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Always seeking adventure?

There’s something I’ve noticed about people in long-lasting relationships: they’re willing to try just about anything once.

Seeking new experiences together is the glue of so many successful couples, throuples, and polycules I’ve met over the years.

And seeking new sexual experiences is often what brings them right to my doorstep.

100 New Sex Ideas for Experienced Lovers is my free gift to the adventurers: the explorers constantly in search of sexy, novel horizons.

You may have already tried many things in this eBook (in fact, I bet you have!).

But I’ll venture to say that you haven’t tried everything inside. Ideas like timed play, nuru massage, auralism, and orgasmic breathing are just a few examples of lesser-known sexy ideas.

Even if you have tried everything in this book (kudos!) I’m willing to bet you’ll discover new twists on old favorites as you work your way through the pages ahead.

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Who is Sex Coach Shannon?

Shannon Burton, SXI

Hi! I’m a certified sex coach and educator based in New Orleans, LA. I provide coaching and classes for singles, couples, and groups looking to discover more ways to experience pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and sex.

I’ve helped many people learn how to:

Together, we can delve deep into your sexuality and discover possibilities like never before.

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