Hi! I’m Shannon.

Are you chronically overcommitted and/or out of your comfort zone?

Can’t seem to say no even when you want to?

Frequently regretting or resenting plans you made?

Exhausted and stressed and know you did it to yourself?

You need boundaries, baby!🎉

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Live Webinar Sat. April 15 @11amCST ($10 registration, then pay what you can)

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Workshop in New Orleans Sun April 23 @1:45pm ($10 registration, then pay what you can)

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Saying ‘No’ With Shannon

Get the eBook or Audio Guide

Saying ‘No’ with Shannon helps you identify, set, and enforce your boundaries. It guides you through clearly defining your most important boundaries and enforcing them with yourself and others.

You can enjoy this content in two formats:

eBook ($5) – 27 pdf pages of boundary-setting awesomeness

Audio Guide ($5) – 22 minutes of saying-no goodness, plus activity sheets!

You can also join the Boundary Buddies Facebook group for ongoing support and accountability as you work on getting better at saying ‘no’.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find inside Saying ‘No’:

If someone handed you a bottle of poison and said “Here, chug this,” would you do it?

Of course not! You’d say, “Mmm…no thank you.” You’d say no. You’d hold that boundary. (Good for you!)

Holding a boundary around ingesting poison is easy because it’s obviously dangerous. Drinking it would put your safety and well-being at immediate risk. You could die!

You probably also have an easy time saying no to other dangerous acts. BUT…how many things are you saying yes to that chip away at your health and well-being slowly?

In what ways are you saying yes to itty-bitty, polite sips of poison that, over time, will eventually take you out?

Long-term stress not only causes anxiety and depression, which is life-threatening when left untreated, but also heart disease, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. Also gastrointestinal issues and other conditions.

When you say “yes” to something that causes you stress, you are harming yourself. You already know this; it’s why you’re here.

Saying “no” isn’t impolite, isn’t inconsiderate, and doesn’t make you a bad person. Saying “no” is protecting your health. It’s self-preservation.

You deserve a healthy life with the least amount of stress possible. And the way you get that is by saying “no” to people and situations that ask more of you than you can comfortably give.

So let’s learn how to stop taking tiny sips of poison.

eBook ($5)

Audio Guide ($5)

Live Webinar Sat. April 15 @11amCST ($10 registration, then pay what you can)

Workshop in New Orleans Sun April 23 @1:45pm ($10 registration, then pay what you can)

Boundary Buddies Facebook Group

Who is Shannon?

Hi! I’m a sex coach, a recovering people-pleaser, and a huge fan of the word ‘no’.

My sexuality-centered work requires a lot of familiarity with boundaries and enforcing them. While Saying ‘No’ with Shannon isn’t focused on sex, its contents are guided by principles like self-love, communication, and consent.

As someone raised to put others’ needs before my own, I struggled to say ‘no’ for most of my childhood and young-adult life.

It wasn’t until a therapist showed me how poor boundaries were keeping me constantly stressed, depressed, and anxious that I finally started taking real steps to say ‘no’ to sources of strain in my life.

Saying ‘no’ completely transformed my relationships with family members, friends, partners, bosses…pretty much everyone I interact with. It allowed me to carve out time for rest, self-care, and self-reflection so that I could be my best self.

I created Saying ‘No’ with Shannon because I have so many friends who wanted it. So: here it is! Whether you use the eBook, audio guide, or attend the virtual or live workshop, I hope you find it helpful.

I also hope you’ll join the Boundary Buddies Facebook group for ongoing accountability and support in the journey to build better boundaries. See you there!

eBook ($5)

Audio Guide ($5)

Live Webinar Sat. April 15 @11amCST

Workshop in New Orleans Sun April 23 @1:45pm

Boundary Buddies Facebook Group

I provide both in-person and virtual boundaries coaching.

Have trouble maintaining your boundaries, or aren’t even sure what they are?

You might need a boundaries coach.

A lack of boundaries isn’t necessarily a sex problem–though it often comes up in sex coaching. You may find many areas of your life affected by a lack of boundaries with:

  • family members
  • friends
  • partners
  • colleagues
  • bosses
  • yourself

…or a combination of these people.

Many people who struggle to identify and maintain their boundaries experience things like:

  • feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities
  • feeling taken advantage of
  • an inability to say “no”
  • stress and/or anxiety
  • lacking a sense of “self”
  • high aversion to disappointing others
  • high drive to seek approval from others

Looking for support on your journey to better boundaries? Book a free discovery call to learn how I can help:

How I help people:

I meet clients on Zoom or at my French Quarter location in New Orleans. First-time coaching sessions with new clients are virtual.

As a coach, my role is to:

  1. honor my clients’ trust and confidentiality
  2. gain a complete understanding of clients’ goals
  3. provide accurate, safe, fact-based information and guidance to help clients have the life they desire and deserve

This looks a little different depending on each individual. However, there’s a typical flow that works for most situations—

What happens during an initial sex coaching session:

During your initial session, I’ll ask clarifying questions about what brings you to coaching. Then, I’ll make recommendations or brainstorm options with you for setting goals and/or milestones.

Depending on your goals, I’ll likely suggest one or more exercises to try on your own. Exercises are based completely on your comfort level and do not have to be performed during a coaching session if you’re not comfortable with that.

Sex Coach Shannon

Shannon Burton, SXI is a professional sex coach certified through a program aligned with American College of Sexologists standards. Book a free 15-min discovery call today.

Have questions before you book? Email to find out if a consultation is right for you.