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What is sex coaching?

Sex coaching provides clients an opportunity to talk about and overcome sex-related concerns with the help of a knowledgeable expert. Sex coaching is typically talk-based and does not replace psychotherapy for those struggling with mental health issues.

A sex coach can:

  • offer a nonjudgmental listening ear to sexual fears and concerns
  • provide solutions to common problems with libido, orgasm, desire, and inhibition
  • help clients ascertain whether their sexual habits are helping or hurting their overall wellbeing
  • model ways to talk about sex with partners
  • share resources relevant to clients’ sexual interests

A sex coach does not:

  • Provide therapy or counseling. Most do not have the required educational background to adequately help clients manage disorders or recover from trauma. (Though sex therapists with these qualifications do exist).
  • Have sex with clients. Some use touch-based methods (called sexological bodywork or somatic sex therapy), but many (including myself) do not. Some coaches may refer clients to sex surrogates, but only if having sex with another person would be helpful to their process.
  • Watch partners have sex. This isn’t a spectator sport, y’all!