Sliding Scale

Shannon (they/she)

While these prices attempt to make private coaching more accessible, I recognize that they still may be out of many clients’ budgets. If that’s the case for you, email me at to discuss options.

Virtual 1-on-1 Sex Coaching

In an effort to make private coaching more accessible, sliding scale pricing is available to select clients for virtual 1-on-1 sessions at the following rates:

25 minutes: $35-$65 USD

50 minutes: $70-$130 USD

To include partners in a session, book a 50-min session and add $50 USD per additional partner.

Sessions are conducted over Zoom.

How much will I pay?

You determine what you pay on the sliding scale.

The actual, sustainable cost of providing these sessions is $50 USD for 25min or $100 USD for 50min. This allows me to cover business costs, pay rent, fill my fridge, and occasionally enjoy a night out or a trip. Consider paying higher on the scale if you can do those things with relative ease.

Consider paying lower on the scale if you:

  • are supporting children or other dependents
  • have significant debt or uncovered medical expenses
  • receive public assistance
  • are an elder, community organizer, immigrant, or someone who was formerly incarcerated and have limited financial support/resources

Still not sure? Don’t stress. Pay what feels right in the moment and move up and down the scale as you need. Payment is a judgment-free process.

25 minutes: $35-$65 USD

50 minutes: $70-$130 USD