Sensual Activation Webinar for Women+

Activate your Sensual Source and ignite erotic passion.

Inspire desire with this free sensual activation webinar by Sex Coach Shannon.


Designed for women and others with adjacent identities (women+), we’ll cover:

  • quick and easy ways to tap into sensuality and practice erotic embodiment
  • pleasure practices specifically designed to enhance arousal and orgasm
  • simple, sexy communication tips for ensuring passionate partnered sex

Get everything you need to activate your Sensual Source and fan your erotic flames.

You’ll also receive a big gift🎁 available to webinar attendees only.

More Details:

Meet Sex Coach Shannon and learn sexual activation techniques you can use at home.

Date & Time: TBD

Location: Zoom link provided with RSVP

Cost: Free!🎁

Registration is for women+ aged 21 and over.



Who is Sex Coach Shannon?

Hi! I’m an Erotic Ignition Coach based in New Orleans, LA.

I’ve helped many women and gender-diverse folks learn how to:

Together, we can delve deep into your sexuality and discover possibilities like never before.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Shannon is incredible at what she does! It’s not always easy to talk about intimacy and related issues, but she is open-minded, empathetic, and so knowledgeable and supportive.

— Kate

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Shannon has helpful and constructive ideas and tools, a great sense of humor, a heaping dose of compassion, and a true spirit of liberation. I highly recommend her!

— Leslie

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My interactions with Shannon have allowed me to feel more confident and comfortable expressing my desires. I am from a strong Christian background, so if you know….you know! Because of Shannon, I have shed the shame that was associated with sex, desire, and my feminine body.

— Vanyty

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Shannon puts you at ease instantly. Sex has never been a comfortable topic for me, but because of her openness and plethora of knowledge, I am more open and I have learned a great deal. If you have the opportunity to do anything with Shannon, jump at it immediately!

— Lisa

Meet others and download free resources in the Sensually Sourced Community:

More on how I help people:

I meet clients on Zoom or at my French Quarter location in New Orleans. First-time coaching sessions with new clients are virtual.

How does sex coaching work?

Sex coaching provides clients with a knowledgeable expert and safe space to ask questions about sex and sexuality. It’s often similar to talk-based counseling.

As a sex coach, my role is to:

  1. honor my clients’ trust and confidentiality
  2. gain a complete understanding of clients’ sex-related goals
  3. provide accurate, safe, fact-based information and guidance to help clients have the sex life they desire and deserve

A sex coach can:

  • share new ideas to practice in the bedroom
  • provide professional insight backed by the latest sexual research
  • ensure that you’re being safe in your pursuit of sexual goals
  • offer tips for enhancing your sexual journey
  • advise on the best course of action when communicating with partners

A sex coach does not:

  • Provide therapy or counseling. Most do not have the required educational background to adequately help clients manage disorders or recover from trauma. (Though sex therapists with these qualifications do exist.)
  • Have sex with clients. Some may use touch-based methods (called sexological bodywork or somatic sex therapy). Some coaches may refer clients to sex surrogates, but only if having sex with another person would be helpful to their process.

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