Pussy Pleasure

A playful class of vulva show-and-tell.


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Be part of an unbridled celebration of pussy pleasure. Exchange techniques with eleven other sex-positive adventurers in a private and secure space. Orgasms are not required; toys and other devices/aids are welcome.

Discover new ideas for your own exploration and enjoy the camaraderie of collaborative pleasure education. Together, we’ll deepen our gratitude and appreciation for vulvas and the joy they bring us.

Vulva owners use an expansive variety of solo sex methods. You’re sure to learn something new in this gently structured show-and-tell of self-pleasure practices.

Be the Teacher:
Spend 5 minutes describing and/or demonstrating self-pleasure practices you’re comfortable sharing. Plastic vulva models are available if desired. Having an orgasm is not required or expected, and all toys/devices/aids are welcome.

Be the Student:
Watch as others share whatever’s up their solo sex sleeves (and sheets). Follow along on your own if you’d like. Discover the devices and methods used by real people in our community.

READ THIS: Pussy Pleasure Class Values

This class is structured around 5 core values:

RESPECT: We treat one another, ourselves, the space, and others’ belongings with respect in both words and actions. Vulva owners of all gender identities, sexualities, body sizes/shapes, abilities, races, ages, religions, nationalities, etc. are celebrated.

CONSENT: We are free to choose how we participate. Attendees are welcome to demonstrate and practice techniques on their own bodies, however, no one is required to do so. Plastic vulva demo models are available if desired.

SELF-PLEASURE: Touching other people is not a feature of this class. Our goal is to share, discover, and explore methods of self-pleasure, satisfaction, and fulfillment that do not require partners.

CAMARADERIE: Vulvar pleasure has long been and continues to be prioritized and stigmatized. This event aims to carve out a small, sacred space for communal appreciation, love, and upliftment.

BODY GRATITUDE: Our bodies make pleasure possible, yet barriers to body acceptance are pervasive and difficult to overcome. We make an effort to replace body commentary with expressions of gratitude. Try to replace body compliments/observations/criticisms with statements like “Thank you for sharing your body with us,” or “I’m grateful for my ____.”

READ THIS: Class Information

Here’s what you need to know about the Pussy Pleasure class.

Provided Materials:

-hand mirrors
-soft plastic vulva model (beige)
-hard plastic vulva model (brown)

What to Bring:

Please bring a towel to sit/lie on. Wear comfortable clothing if you plan to keep it on. You are also encouraged (but not required) to bring anything you use to masturbate or support your pleasure, including:

-comfort items
-accessibility aids
-any other objects you want/need

Who is Invited:

Sex-positive vulva owners of all gender identities, sexualities, body sizes/shapes, abilities, races, ages, religions, nationalities, etc.

If you have a vulva, enjoy stimulating it (or want to enjoy doing so more), and want to watch and learn how other vulva owners do so, this event is for you.

What Happens:

This is a 2-hour class.

2:00-2:15: Arrivals, housekeeping, introductions

2:15-2:30: Reminder of values, checking in on boundaries, Q&A, setting intentions

2:30-3:45: Demos (~5mins per person)

3:45-4:00: Wrap-up, gratitudes, goodbyes

How to Register:

PRE-VERIFICATION IS REQUIRED FOR THIS EVENT. Use the button below to register and schedule your quick video verification call. The event address will be provided during the call. ***REGISTRATION CLOSED 5/21/23.***

(Note: After scheduling your verification call, you’ll be redirected to a second booking calendar to RSVP to the event.)

Refund Policy:

Refunds are available in the case of facilitator cancellation. If you wish to gift/sell your ticket to someone else, email hello@sexcoachshannon.com.


Email hello@sexcoachshannon.com.

Who is Sex Coach Shannon?

Hi! I’m a certified sex coach and educator based in New Orleans, LA. I provide coaching and classes for singles, couples, and groups looking to discover more ways to experience pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and sex.

I’ve helped many people learn how to:

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More on how I help people:

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How does sex coaching work?

Sex coaching provides clients with a knowledgeable expert and safe space to ask questions about sex and sexuality. It’s often similar to talk-based counseling.

As a sex coach, my role is to:

  1. honor my clients’ trust and confidentiality
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  3. provide accurate, safe, fact-based information and guidance to help clients have the sex life they desire and deserve

A sex coach can:

  • share new ideas to practice in the bedroom
  • provide professional insight backed by the latest sexual research
  • ensure that you’re being safe in your pursuit of sexual goals
  • offer tips for enhancing your sexual journey
  • advise on the best course of action when communicating with partners

A sex coach does not:

  • Provide therapy or counseling. Most do not have the required educational background to adequately help clients manage disorders or recover from trauma. (Though sex therapists with these qualifications do exist.)
  • Have sex with clients. Some may use touch-based methods (called sexological bodywork or somatic sex therapy). Some coaches may refer clients to sex surrogates, but only if having sex with another person would be helpful to their process.

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