Visit a Sex Room in New Orleans

The Portal is one of New Orleans’ best-kept sexploration secrets.

I’m feeling reinvigorated after a kinky weekend at The Portal. Showing couples how they can use the St. Andrew’s Cross, spanking bench, and bondage table in this New Orleans sex room are a few of my favorite things!

If you’re ever in the French Quarter with a partner, this hidden gem is worth a visit…or perhaps a stay. You can book The Portal all to yourselves for a few hours or overnight.

Need someone to show you how it all works? Kink tours are one of my favorite sessions to provide. These are private verbal and visual tours of the sex-furniture-filled room—with permission to touch and use the ‘exhibits’, of course.

Here’s how a kink tour goes down.

Booking A Kink Tour in a New Orleans Sex Room

sex coach shannon
Meet your tour guide: Sex Coach Shannon

A private kink tour includes 90 minutes of expert guidance, luxury kink furniture, and access to an array of sanitized toys.

Before a tour, I chat with guests via email or a quick call. I answer any questions and ask what they’re hoping to learn and experience in The Portal. I also ask a few questions designed to help me understand their interests and boundaries.

Visitors to The Portal can use as much or as little of the available items as they’d like. No one is ever asked to participate in activities they’re not comfortable with.

The provided toy collection includes blindfolds, leather cuffs, rope, feather ticklers, nipple clamps, and more. Guests are welcome to bring any of their own toys along for the tour if they’d like.

Entering The Portal in New Orleans

spanking bench in bdsm new orleans sex room
The Spanking Bench

On the day of a kink tour, I meet guests outside the building at their scheduled time. After exchanging greetings, it’s time to go inside.

The Portal is located within The Prive, a private body-positive community and haven complete with a clothing-optional pool and BYOB cabana bar.

Book directly through The Portal’s website for access to the pool during your visit. Kink tours focus strictly on the kink room and what’s inside.

The Portal is up one flight of stairs and behind a door, ensuring complete privacy. Once inside, you’ll see a couch, two armchairs, and the lovely spanking bench resting on a gorgeous rug.

Turn to the left to see the bondage table and iconic St. Andrew’s Cross:

st andrews cross in bdsm new orleans sex room
The St. Andrew’s Cross is a popular photo-op.

Nearby is the door to the included aftercare apartment: a bedroom and bathroom bathed in warm tones.

The red-and-black theme of the playspace is balanced by coziness and luxury. Compact without being small, strategically placed mirrors add depth as well as exciting viewing angles for whatever fun you get up to.

Walk around this New Orleans sex room and ask about the shelves of toys available during your visit. Get yourself a glass of ice water from the kitchenette. Make yourself at home.

Before We Begin

bondage table in bdsm new orleans sex room
The Pleasure/Bondage Table

I like to take a seat together on the armchairs or couches before jumping onto the rest of the furniture. This gives us a moment to go over the pre-discussed interests and boundaries. We all agree on a safeword that anyone can use (even me!).

As we discuss interests, I demonstrate how the different implements in the room work and how to stay safe while using them. We take our time, making sure everyone’s excited about exploring each step of the way.

Once we’ve covered everything in the room, it’s time to start having fun! Guests are free to try out anything in the room they’ve been taught how to use. Photo shoots with the St. Andrew’s Cross and spankings on the bench are quite popular.

My role during this time is to act as a sort of ‘human Siri/Alexa’. If guests have a question about how something works or need ideas, they can ask me. If I sense they need something, I speak up. I also speak up if I see anything that’s potentially unsafe.

Other than providing ideas and information, I’m not involved in how guests use the space. As long as they’re comfortable and consenting, they’re free to do as they please. I’m simply there to ensure safety, comfort, and fun.

After Playtime is Over: Sex Room Recovery Space

aftercare apartment bedroom in new orleans sex room
The Aftercare Apartment

As our time winds down, I issue a 15- or 20-minute warning. This gives guests time to engage in any final activities they desire and/or transition into the Aftercare Apartment to rest and connect.

If guests prefer privacy at this stage, I’m happy to step out.

Honestly, providing this tour, education, and monitoring is some of the most fun I have as a sex coach and educator. It’s a joy to share this New Orleans sex room and all it contains with those who are eager to appreciate them.

If you’d like a kink tour, reach out! My availability can be found on my booking page.

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