Sex Coach Pricing, Text Chat, Reddit, and More

Hello and happy Sunday, sexy subscribers!

It’s been another eventful week and things are really picking up steam. Here are the latest developments including sex coach pricing, my new text chat option, Reddit, and availability.

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Sex Coach Pricing

Yesterday, I finally published pricing for my services. For sex coaching, I’ve opted to go with a sliding scale to accommodate the widest range of people possible. This is a “pay more if you have, less if you don’t” model.

With this pricing model, clients who can afford to pay more help supplement the cost of sessions for those who cannot. Personally, I have both benefitted from sliding scale pricing in times of need, and enjoyed paying it forward by using the higher end of sliding scales when I could. I invite you to do the same. You can change how much you pay per session at any time.

I recognize that even the low end of the sliding scale is out of reach for many people who seek sex coaching. If this is the case for you, reach out. I am developing a few options for situations like this, one of which is my newest service: text chat coaching.

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Sex Coaching via Text Chat

This year, I’ve offered coaching sessions both in-person and virtually via video chat. Audio chat has also been an option.

Yesterday, I launched a new option for virtual coaching: text chat. This new option has many benefits:

  • discrete for clients with less access to private places where they can talk
  • relieves any anxiety around appearing in-person, on camera, or talking on the phone
  • allows clients to get a feel for sex coaching before committing to video, audio, or in-person sessions

Text chat coaching sessions are available on a sliding scale of $35-$65. They are limited to 30 minutes and currently only available via DM on Twitter or Reddit, so reach out to me there if you’re interested.

Which brings me to my next thing…

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Sex Coach Shannon on Reddit

You can now find me on Reddit! Well, technically, you’ve been able to do that for years…there’s just a new dedicated profile at u/SexCoachShannon now.

For all it’s complications, I’ve generally enjoyed the forum-style community building and collaboration on subreddits. Obviously, I enjoy reading and giving advice about sex and relationships. I’m now spending a significant amount of time doling out free advice in those subs with this new profile, and offering sliding scale text chat coaching in my DMs there. If you’re on Reddit; come find me!

As always, I’m also on Twitter, Medium, and FetLife if you’re on those platforms as well.

Coming Up…

It’s official: the countdown to my debut at Happy Kitten Pleasure School has begun! There’s just 14 days until my 90-minute, in-person class on pegging. Spots are limited, so if you’re going to be in New Orleans the weekend of the 16th-17th, snag a ticket now.

My availability for sex coaching via video, audio, and chat is wide open. Book your session today!

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